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VEGA Korean Wallpaper

Wednesday, 08 January 2014

Taking a stroll in the wood being absorbed to the nature.
We pursue to live a healthy life both physically and mentally in this complex
social environment. We depend on the nature to find the fundamental stability
of the body and mind, and the nature responds us with treatment and peace.
The warm light, gently flowing water, trees and the soil become the
motivations of design which present a feeling of quite.

Rhythmical Modernism
A space that expresses a sensitive beauty by applying the light and movements
emphasizing the sense of rhythm.
The light and the shadows that spread under a week lighting give peace to the
body and the mind both, and the soft curve that seems to flow freely and the
gentle wave of the water are such an element that arouse contemplation and
changes helping express rhythmical effect. Based on the grey color that is
modern, such colors thet are red, turquoise, and blue give accents in harmony
and makes the space vigorous tune-on tone colors.

Archaic Grace
A space that produces an elegant beauty that shows the touches by the
The space is expressed to arouse an elegant feeling in combination of the
elements from the nature, the damask and the beauty of art nouveau.
Inspired by the construction style in Europe, the volumeof the damask is
emphasized and the delicateness is expressed by the reliefs with a handmade
feeling. Such colors that include gold beige, orang brown, khaki gold add
more antique charm to the space.

Gentle Nature
A modern and natural concept that is re-interpreted in a natural way
emphasizing the beauty of emptiness inspired by the Eastern Asia.
The existing designs that use actual images to arouse such an illusion that
the actual nature is moved to the inside of the house are expressed as a
design that emphasizes simplicity and comfort by bringing and simplifying the
beauty of the shapes in the nature, and by mixing with two or three tone-on
tone colors.

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Sumantri Cht


Terlengkap dan termurah...

Aguslam N. Hampeng


a lot of choice of interior material to make our house comfort and nice....... good service and quick



"pasang wallpaper utk kamar baru dari toko madju, wallpapernya baguss dan murah, pelayanannya juga..."


Toko maju barangnya bagus harganya juga murah sy sejak 1 tahun yg lalu sdh menjd pelanggan setia terus tingkatkan pelayanannya ya ... sukses bt toko maju
Melly Susanti
Good place to find wallpapers, huge selection for generations
Stephen Sebastian
Wallpapernya murah2
Zahra Nasir
Tempat nya mudah terlihat dari jalan raya

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